About Us


In the year 2000, three enterprising brothers started the business of selling home furniture to selected furniture outlets in Malaysia. Thus M&N Furniture Sdn. Bhd. was born. Over the years as the market for quality home furniture grew, customers' demands became more stringent and quality requirements became to be paramount importance. The company invested in sourcing from well managed companies producing good quality and well designed furniture. This partnership has proven prudent and successful in the long term.

Today we are proud to offer many furniture that are trendy designs to suit today's fast changing requirements; allowing clients' to express their individually through different series - to reach for the stars as they say.

We also stock and sell furniture that are classical in design for those who prefer a more conservative style.

all our furniture are superbly crafted to be of superior quality and are long lasting. With a warehouse storage capacity of well over 70,000 square feet, stocks are easily available, and we are able to serve our clients better.


  • To be the leading supplier in supplying home & office furniture in Malaysia.


  • We believe in conducting our business with honesty and integrity, supplying our clients with the best possible products at the right prices within the required time
  • We  only source from companies that use the best materials and we are always on the look-out for improvements to designs and quality in our commitment to quality and dedication to excellence
  • To strive for excellence and to be recognized as a supplier of good quality products
  • Our company shall continue to be innovative and globally competitive to ensure that our clients requirements are met